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Why Hire A Licensed Pest Exterminator?

Why Hire A Licensed Pest Exterminator?

Have you noticed bugs scurrying under the living room sofa or across your office floor?

If you think there may be a pest problem at your office or home, it’s likely something that can be brought under control. All you have to do is buy a pesticide from your local store and spray it around your place.

But, if that doesn’t help you out, and the problem is grave, then it’s time to call pest control services. We provide our expert services in Brisbane, Queensland. You have to dial up our number and make a call at Executive Pest Control. Our representatives will head over and help you deal with the issue quickly.

Now, it’s perfectly normal to wonder whether it’s something that requires professional help – especially if you are low on cash. And there are so many DIY techniques available online. You could whip up one of those concoctions, and voila! Problem solved. But is it that simple?

Here are seven reasons why it is not suitable to handle the pest problem yourself and why you should hire licenced professionals to do it for you:


  • Licenced professionals have the training:

The thing is, exterminators are trained and have knowledge and experience regarding the use of pesticides, and related equipment, whereas, on the other hand, people of another profession do not. So, it’s common sense why. Trained and licenced specialists understand what they’re doing, and they’ll also do a better job. Just like a mechanic understands how cars work better than a chef, pest control professionals understand how to better deal with these pest infestations. For example, when it comes to eradicating a massive cockroach infestation and the only method is to use fire, can you manage it? 


  • Can you identify the pests?

Pest infestations can be tricky to identify. It can be hard to tell which sort of pests are inhabiting your office or building.

For example, one of the manifestations of an infestation is if you notice pest droppings. The droppings are usually the size of poppy seeds. Now, what sort of bug is it? How can you tell? 

Another method is if you hear scratching or scurrying noises. It could be mice, or spiders, or lizards. And what if there are multiple species of pests. How will you manage to figure it out then?

In short, we should leave this task to the experts who have training and practice in identifying what sort of pest it is and where exactly does it stay.


  • DIY solutions are more time-consuming:

DIY pest solutions online can be more time-consuming than calling pest control. It takes a lot of time to go through with all the steps, and it’s a complete waste of time if it doesn’t even work out in the end. On the other hand, professionals use tried-and-tested, quick, and effective methods.


  • In the business world, time is money:

If you plan to rid your office of pests using DIY techniques, that’s a big mistake. Business and organisations forget the time factor when calculating cost differences between hiring professionals and using DIY methods.

It can take a lot of time for an untrained person to figure out the techniques and apply them, not to mention how long it will take to do the procedure correctly. The business will lose valuable time if closed for that long a duration. Not to say that there may be operational interruptions and customer inconvenience as well.


  • Equip yourselves for the future:

DIY techniques usually only give temporary solutions. They guide you on how to get rid of the pests for now – they don’t tell you how and what preventive measures you should take up for the future to avoid another infestation.


  • Are DIY techniques environment-friendly?

DIY techniques may not include Integrated Pest Management – which is a fancy way of saying that they may not be environment-friendly and may not guide you on the practice of only using enough pesticide as required.


  • Effective-ness of DIY techniques:

Not all DIY techniques may prove efficient since they are cookie-cutter solutions, a one-size-fits-all business, and the methods might not do your situation justice. Not to mention, as a novice, it’s likely you may not be able to execute it that affectively.

It’s better to call pest control services to take care of the problem. They are quicker, more cost-effective, and will do a better job. If you are in Brisbane, Queensland, then Executive Pest Control can help you and be the solution to all your pesky pest problems. 

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