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Professional Flea Treatment in Brisbane from $80 only

Looking for an affordable End of lease Flea treatment in Brisbane? Executive Pest Control provides the best service at affordable rates.

Professional Flea Treatment in Brisbane

Flea infestation is a common problem experienced by most pet owners in Brisbane. Fleas are tiny parasites (1.5mm – 4mm) that thrive on the blood of animals as well as humans. The bite of a flea can cause the victim experience irritation, itching and can cause unpleasant skin reactions.

Generally, fleas can be found around areas inhabited by pets, such as dog floor mats, mattresses, cat baskets or kennels. However, their infestation can also spread in all areas of your home including carpets, furniture, clothing or cracks in floorboards. Besides, flea infestation in your property can make individuals sick with murine or endemic typhus and cause flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) in dogs and cats. Therefore, taking professional services of Executive Pest control for flea treatment is highly recommended to get rid of flea infestation completely.

Why Executive Pest Control for Flea Treatment in Brisbane?

Well Informed and Trained Technicians


Professionals at Executive Pest Control are well – informed and have an in-depth knowledge of flea habits and methods of treatment used in proper flea control. Our licensed pest control technicians are appropriately trained and well notified about how to use a flea control product in a safest and most environmentally friendly way. Moving out of the property? Get an end of lease pest control in Brisbane starting from just $80 only.

Fully Licensed Pest Company in Brisbane


Pest technicians at Executive Pest Control have the training and experience to identify pest infestation areas in your home and determine how best to eliminate them. Using professional flea treatment, not only helps eliminate fleas but also helps find the source that attracts these pests to your home to prevent future infestation. A professional flea control treatment can help provide much quicker and effective results than trying to fix the outbreak yourself.

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After inspecting the severity of the flea infestation, the professional will immediately update you about the condition of the flea infestation. We will recommend a customised plan taking into consideration the nature of your flea control issue. Another great benefit of taking professional pest control services in Brisbane is that it helps you save money over time. Paying a licensed professional not only enables you to save money on stopping the damages caused by these pests but also helps get rid of flea infestation effectively, helping your property stay safe and protected.

Since we are experienced and well informed about the chemicals that may not be readily available to an ordinary individual, making us more capable at implementing extermination plans and getting rid of fleas efficiently in a short period from your property.

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