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Termite Inspection by Executive Pest Control

Buying or Selling your house or commercial property? It’s always best to get it fully inspected for termite. Our prices start from just $110 Only!

Professional Termite Inspection in Brisbane

Termites or white ants are some of the common pests that can infest your home and damage your property. They are particularly thorough on wooden structures and may eat up core frames causing massive damages. These small insects live in large groups and exist in many places including major cities like Brisbane. If you do not control them, your property may fall at any time, and this has an incredible security impact. Termite bites are also very nasty and can lead to inflammation among other infections. Although repellents and pesticides can kill some termites, it is always advisable to include the services of termite inspection specialists.

Most people choose to spray harmful pesticides and chemicals as a way to get rid of termites, and while this may work, there are several disadvantages to using pesticides you do not know much about. In addition to polluting the air quality inside your house, these chemicals linger and settle on your furniture and fixtures resulting in long-term exposure. Another reason to hire a professional termite inspection company in Brisbane is to do a thorough inspection of the property you are about to purchase or invest. Termites can cause significant damage to the value of the residential or commercial property.

You do not need to wait for full-blown infestation before you hire a Brisbane pest control company. It is recommendable to seek inspection services as soon as you notice any sign of their presence. If you have just moved to a new house in Brisbane, the first step should be to call for pest inspection services and ensure that the space is free of termites or any other species of pests.

Benefits of Using Executive Pest Control

Comprehensive Termite Inspection


When you bring in our services for termite inspection, our pest control technicians will conduct comprehensive tests for termites and other common pests. Executive Pest Control already has profound experience in the field and can recognise specific signs that may indicate other infestations apart from termite. Book your termite inspection with Executive pest control Brisbane and get a 10% discount on your first booking.

Killing Both Termites and Eggs


Pesticide application may be able to intoxicate and kill lice termites in your house. However, there are no guarantees these sprays will prevent the concealed eggs from hatching. This means you will soon be dealing with a new breed of termites which implies more pesticides and chemicals. We will come up with a useful measure to eliminate all termites including their eggs. We also use low impact pesticides that do not expose your family to chemical poisoning.

Termite Inspection in Brisbane by Professional Locals

If you purchase termite pesticides from anywhere in Brisbane, you will only get the spray to kill existing termites. No one will tell you where the termites are coming from and what is causing their infestation. One advantage of hiring professional services is recommendation and insights. Executive Pest Control will not only eliminate the menace but will also give you insightful tips to help you maintain a clean termite-free environment.

There are many other minor reasons why you should consider hiring Executive Pest Control for termite inspection. Termites can breed in hidden spaces for months and then suddenly come out in large numbers when they have already eaten all the core parts of your structure. Inspections ensure you kill or chase away all termites before they can cause any structural damages. Call us today. Executive Pest Control provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our services.

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