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Spider Control in Brisbane

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Affordable Spider Control in Brisbane


Did you know that there are over thirty-five thousand species of spiders worldwide? Unsurprisingly, the most dangerous ones are present in Australia. Some commonly known species comprise of the funnel-web, the Redback spider, Huntsman, black house, etc. are notably more common in Brisbane, Australia. The funnel-web spiders are the most dangerous ones. Characterised by a hairless, shiny head, a shiny appearance, and large, mighty fangs. Regarding their behaviour, they are often very aggressive when threatened. They are common around swimming pools and in backyards.

The Redback spider is common throughout Australia and usually tend to hide in dry, sheltered places, including under toilet seats, garden sheds and mailboxes. It is imperative to note that there are over two thousand Redback bites annually. In general, spiders prefer warm and dry climates and undisturbed places such as woodpiles, basements, attics, closets and perhaps under sinks. It is crucial to note that bites from spiders can be dangerous to humans, and may require prompt medical attention.

Spiders can be a nuisance in your home. These insects have been known to bite people, causing sickness, skin irritations and even death in some cases. Besides, they are disgusting and scary. Many species prefer to stay in the outdoors, typically weaving their webs near your garden. In fact, Spiders are a problem because of their webbing. Are you a resident of Brisbane who is currently suffering from spider invasion? If yes, don’t fret either, since you have a reliable pest control company at your disposal, known as Executive Pest Control. For years now, we have been offering our unique and top-notch pest control services. In fact, most of our previous clients only talk positively about us!

Why Choose Executive Pest Control in Brisbane?

Knowledgeable and Experienced


We boast of a highly-experienced team, who have the required expertise, knowledge and understanding to solve a variety of spider infestation problems. Be it domestic, industrial or office spider control, our comprehensive knowledge of spiders allows our experts to tackle every kind of job, regardless of how small or significant it might seem.

Safe and low-cost Pest Control


Besides the use of high-end equipment, we also use pest control methods that are entirely natural, including organic when needed. This implies that you can stay rest assured knowing your family is safe even as we keep the spiders at bay. It is critical to note that we limit the use of pesticide and mostly apply procedures that are non-toxic for both outdoor and indoor applications.

We Use Latest and Advanced Spider Control Procedures

We only utilise some of the most advanced methods of pest control and equipment which are environmentally sound. This way, we guarantee that your home will remain safe even after we have conducted the treatment. With over ten years of experience working in spider control industry in Brisbane, we know the typical solution to employ to solve your spider problems. We offer our services in every area of Brisbane, including Caboolture and Redcliffe. Kindly, don’t allow the spider infestation disturb your sleep. Kindly Get in contact with our crew at your earliest convenience, and we’ll eradicate all the spiders.

Executive Pest Control is fully licensed, and we lead the way in providing spider pest control and management services from domestic to commercial properties in the whole of Brisbane. Our BSA licensed experts can tackle any pest problem related to spiders at all costs.

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