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No other Brisbane Pest Control company can match the services we offer at Executive Pest Control when it comes to quality and consistency. Executive Pest Control provides quality pest removal services at very competitive prices whether at home or in the office. All you have to do to address your pest problems is to call us, and we will do the rest. Our Company has proudly created and maintained a right professional image in Brisbane due to the consistency we offer. With nearly two decades experience in Pest control, termite treatment and ant control and more; Executive Pest Control guarantees you a high level of service when it comes to dealing with pests such as ants, termites, cockroaches and spiders.


We offer end of lease flea treatment and termite inspection as well. At Executive Pest Control we believe that it is essential to get rid of the pest by exterminating their nest completely. Therefore, we have incorporated high tech inspection among our services to assist our clients and preventing the occurrence of these pests.


Most Pest removal companies in Brisbane only offer limited services that are either administered at home or in the office. Although we prioritise home and office operations, we are versatile enough to accommodate all your pest problems including flea treatment for your entire property as well. We hope to continue staying up to date with the current trends in the industry by updating our operations to suit the various pest control needs for all our clients in and around Brisbane region.


We believe in fair and competitive pricing; this has helped us maintain our title as the most affordable Pest Control Company in Brisbane. We have different prices for the various services we offer. In addition to the excellent pricing, we provide personalised services that are determined by you and your specific pest removal needs. We pride ourselves over the progress we have made across the years, it made us grow into a reliable and high performing pest control company. We focus mainly on domestic and office/corporate pest removal services in Brisbane to ensure we do not compromise on the services offered.


Managing pests is not an easy task, especially in Brisbane where pests like termites are common and can damage the value of your property. As a result, we have assembled a team of fully qualified personnel to help us solve all your termite related problems. To enhance the quality of the services administered, we rely on state of the art equipment that can perform all the tasks required when it comes to pest control. You no longer have to put up with pests or pay for poor services. We value your property and as a result, strive to ensure we use high-quality staff and equipment to address your various pest related problems without further damaging your property.


“Found termites living in my
kitchen cabinets , eating them.
I needed someone to help me.”

“I can safely say you are the most
attentive to prospective clients…”


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