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Termite Treatment in Brisbane

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Professional Termite Treatment in Brisbane


We are the best termite treatment company in Brisbane with over a decade of experience in making properties termite free. Executive Pest Control is a family owned and operated Pest Control Company specialising in termite inspection and treatment. Our termite treatment services have helped thousands of homes and commercial clients across Brisbane from destructive pest over the years.

Brisbane has a lot of termites. What most people have never understood is that the sooner you detect their presence and the number of times you conduct an inspection can go a long way into preventing these pests infestation. If termites are caught early enough, the cost of damage likely to be caused by their colony can be reduced significantly. Our team of local termite controllers will help you avert such a risk by conducting a proper inspection of your property. We provide a 100% service guarantee.

Have noticed the movement of termites in your property? Call Executive Pest Control now, we are one of the best termite terminators in Brisbane. Once you book a job our technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. We will inspect the grounds wall, interior, exterior, void, sub-floor, stumps, fences, carport timbers to check for any signs of current or past termite activity. We will also try to establish whether any conditions are conducive for termite infestation.

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Physical Termite Barrier


A physical barrier can be placed across the house during its construction. This barrier is intended to stop hidden termite entrance by making them jump over it. This barrier will also help the owner of the property to quickly spot the termite mud build up if they find their way into timber. Call Executive Pest Control today and get 10% off! Limited time only.

Chemical Termite Barrier


Chemical barriers typically involve digging a fence preferably a trench approximately 200mm wide down past the base of the house block and then treat it with a termite treatment solution. Once completed, the trench will then be back-filled with the treated soil the way it was. In case there are trails against the edge of the home, we will drill holes approximately 200mm through the concrete then mix the soil below it with the treatment solution.

We are Brisane’s Leading Termite Inspection Company

According to research 1 out of every four houses in Brisbane gets attacked by termites. Once we detect the nest of termites in your property, our trained termite treatment specialists will use the most proper approach for flawless termite extermination from your residential or commercial property. If you suspect a termite infestation in your home then give Executive Pest Control a call, termites can destroy the value of your property the longer they are left untreated. When you book a service with us, our technicians will appropriately explain the type of methods available depending on the infestation to eradicate the termites from the premises.

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