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Tips To Prevent Spiders At Home:

Tips To Prevent Spiders At Home:


Pests are a pain in the neck and a headache to deal with.

They are unhygienic, spread diseases and infections, and potentially poisonous. Not to mention how creepy they are. Spiders, especially, are the scariest.

Not only can they be dangerous for other inhabitants of the house, but they are very hard to get rid of. They are small, extremely fast, and they can fit anywhere. Their webs are near invisible, and often, you can’t tell it’s there unless you feel it.

There are two categories we can divide methods of getting rid of spiders into:

· Natural ways

· Verified pest control method.

Natural Methods:

Following are the natural methods that can save your property from spiders

1.Seal the cracks:


The best way to prevent spiders from your residence is to stop them from entering your house altogether. They usually enter the building through gaps in doors or windows. So, remember to seal them up, tight!

2.Lights out:


Spiders come into houses chasing other bugs. Those bugs, in turn, are attracted to the lights. Turn off the lights at a reasonable hour to avoid attracting those bugs.

3.Leave the plants away from the house:


Spiders conceal themselves in plants, leaves, and stones. Remove these from the periphery of the entrance to your house. Make sure that there are no plants near or around doors or windows. That way, spiders won’t have hiding spots, making it difficult to get into the building.

4.Clean the mess:


Like plants outside the building, Similarly, plants inside the house will create more hiding places; the better they manage to stay in the house, the harder it is to clear out. Keep the interior of the house clean, ensuring that there is nothing spiders can conceal themselves behind.

5.Dust frequently:


Dusting comes in handy since you hinder spiders in building their webs, which is how they trap and feed on prey. The results will be that eventually, they’ll have to leave. Dusting also lowers the house’s attraction for other sorts of bugs – meaning you reduce potential prey. Remember, staying clean is key to getting rid of spiders.

6.Stop procrastinating on the dishes:


Cleaning the house is of the utmost importance. Dirty dishes attract bugs, which in turn attract spiders. So, lower the prey population and make it harder for the predators to survive in the house.

7.Don’t leave any food out:


Leftover food, much like dirty dishes, attracts minor bugs. It’s best to cover any uneaten food before going to bed, throwing it away, or putting it in the refrigerator.

8.Unleash the peppermint spray:


Peppermint natural oil is your best ally and the spiders’ worst enemy. You can get it from most local stores or e-commerce sites. Just dilute it with water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it all over your house. Don’t forget the curtains!

9.Eucalyptus Oil:


Spiders can’t bear eucalyptus oil either. So, like peppermint, you dilute it with water and then spray it everywhere in the house. You could use both peppermint and eucalyptus oil spray one after another as an extra precaution against the spiders.

10.Tea Tree Oil:


Another essential oil that spiders can’t tolerate. Use it similar to the other two, or put a few drops directly on furniture, clothing or yourself. You can also put it on cotton balls and fill in gaps in windows with it.



Vinegar is one of those condiments that we all keep in our house but underestimate. Vinegar repels spiders like you wouldn’t believe, and spraying diluted vinegar all over the place works great. You could also spray it on any spider you see.



Spiders fear walnuts. We don’t know why, but they do. Place a bowl of those nuts in corners of the house or wherever you have seen a spider.

13.Red Night Lights:


Whereas most bugs love the light, spiders prefer the dark. An excellent way to get on spiders’ nerves but not attract other insects is to use red night lights. This method removes the darkness of a room and lowers the chances of spiders in the house.

14.Lemon Peels:


Lemons and limes have citric acid; it is believed that it repels spiders. So, keep lime or lemon peels in your house, especially in the corners.

15.Citrus Plant:


Peels are for the interior of the building, and citric plants are for the exterior. Citric plants in the garden will repel spiders from it. It won’t keep them away completely, but it will lower the frequency.

Verified Pest Control Method:


Sometimes, Natural methods aren’t enough to get rid of the creepy crawlies, or it’s proving difficult for some other reason, e.g. if they infestation is too massive. In such cases, it’s better to use pesticides to rid your home of spiders. It might best, though, if you contact a professional pest control company to hunt them down for you.

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