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Silverfish Infestation in Brisbane, Queensland

Silverfish Infestation in Brisbane, Queensland

Wondering How to Get Rid of These Nasty Creatures?

Most people living in Brisbane must be quite familiar with silverfish. You have probably seen the evidence of a silverfish infestation, in your home or at your workplace. Needless to mention, silverfish are a pretty common household pest that typically lives and breeds in cool, dark, and damp places.

These nasty creatures possess a surprisingly varied diet including both plant and animal products. In general, their diet consists of carbohydrates, such as starches or sugar. Their most preferable food sources include cellulose, glue in book bindings, shampoos, linen, silk, flour, paper, photographs, wallpaper, starched clothes, and dead insects.

Whilst, a silverfish doesn’t necessarily bite, they are considered to be a creepy nuisance that can be detrimental and destructive to your belongings. Furthermore, the droppings they leave behind can easily contaminate food. Therefore, if you have already found visible and noticeable evidence of silverfish infestation at your Brisbane home/workplace, it’s important to undertake adequate measures and eradicate their habitat.

Silverfish Infestation in Queensland – Identify The Signs Of A Silverfish Infestation: Silverfish are a small, primitive, and wingless insect, having an approximate length of 12mm -19 mm. You can easily identify these pests by their tapered body or teardrop-shaped body structure and fast wriggling movement. The visible appearance of silvery scales makes them look like a “fish-like” creature. The silverfish nymphs are hatched from eggs. To become a full-grown silverfish from a nymph, it takes almost four months. They reproduce quickly & female silverfish lay eggs in clusters throughout the day. These creatures can live up to four years.

Silverfish are nocturnal and they move very quickly. These destructive pests hide in dark and damp corners. That’s why a severe silverfish infestation may go unnoticed for a longer period of time, allowing an exponential growth. The Brisbane homeowners can detect silverfish inside a wardrobe, bathtub, basins, and sink. In commercial buildings, you can find them in sub-floors, bathrooms, laundries, and roof voids. Apart from that, their feeding and tiny pepper-like feces also prove the probable signs of a silverfish infestation.

A silverfish infestation, when left untreated can cause critical damage to your Brisbane home and belongings. Luckily, there are a few effective ways that help you to get rid of a silverfish infestation.

Silverfish Prevention & Control: By maintaining stringent housekeeping practices and limiting potential feeding sites, you can prevent a silverfish infestation. You will need to regularly vacuum the dark corners & undisturbed areas of your home. Also, don’t forget to immediately clean up any spilled food and always store food in tightly sealed containers.

Silverfish habitats are mostly found in areas having high humidity. Therefore, by controlling the humidity in your Brisbane homestead, you can really make a huge difference. Improving ventilation, fixing leaks in pipes, using dehumidifiers, regularly air-conditioning and rigorous cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, roof voids, sub-floors, basements, laundries, and other damp areas are considered to be some effective measures to control silverfish.

Nowadays, a wide variety of synthetic insecticides and silverfish traps are sold in retail shops. However, these traps only target the individual insects. They can’t actually prevent silverfish infestations.

The Final Verdict: Silverfish infestations require a professional treatment. Your local pest control specialist will assess the situation and determine the most effective methods of extermination for silverfish infestation that ensures a full-proof relief against these hideous insects.

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