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Bed Bugs Control in Brisbane

Get rid of bed bugs from your house, office or commercial property with Executive Pest Control .

Professional Bed Bugs Control in Brisbane

Executive Pest Control is a leading company specialising in the control and elimination of bed bugs from your property. We have an in-depth understanding of the behavioural traits of bed bugs. These irritating parasitic insects feed exclusively on blood. Nothing can be more annoying than having a bedbug infestation in your home, office or commercial property. The most common bedbug is the Cimex Lectularius. This variety is best known for its appetite for human blood. There are many other sub-categories of bedbugs in Brisbane that can cause costly damage to your health, property and business.

Bed bug infestation is not only restricted to homes. In recent years different private and public facilities in Brisbane have experienced invasions by these nasty pests. They have not spared Apartments, hotels, dormitories, healthcare facilities, public transportation, schools, movie theatres, office buildings and even laundries.

Do not underestimate the effect of bed bug infestation. These are tiny foes to watch out for, get rid of these insects as early as possible by contacting a professional pest control company in Brisbane today. There is one visible sign that these unwanted guests are seeking residence in your property: people start to complain of bites that occur when they visit the affected rooms. Bed bug bites not only cause an itchy sensation but also spread diseases such as Chagas disease and Trypanosoma cruzi.

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Affordable Bed Bugs Control in Brisbane

Bed Bugs Experts in Brisbane


At Executive Pest Control all our bed bug experts are highly qualified and experienced locals. We provide 100% service guarantee and make sure that you as our clients are always satisfied. We have credible testimonials and references to support our claims.

High Safety Standards


Executive Pest Control always adheres to the highest local and international safety standards. None of our bed bug control strategies poses any safety risks to the people in or around your property. Besides, all our pest control activities are environment-friendly. Call us now for special discount packages today.

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For all your bed bugs treatments in Brisbane, contact Executive Pest Control. Our courteous professionals are always ready and eager to respond promptly to your invitation. Trust us, and we will make sure to exterminate the bed bugs infestation from your residential or commercial property.

Bed bugs can cause some severe reputation damages if you are in the holiday rentals industry. The most visible destruction comes from bed bug excrement. You will notice reddish or dark brown fecal spots on your walls and furniture. These stains are an eyesore. The quality of air in the affected rooms also gets pretty bad; you and your visitors or customers will sense an unpleasant coriander-like odour.

In case you run a hotel, the presence of these bugs will ruin your business. No customer will bear these bothersome pests. The same applies to organisations that exclusively offer boarding and lodging services. Customers will shun any such facilities the moment they notice the presence of these insects. Bed bugs are a nuisance and a source of great embarrassment. Getting active bed bugs treatment services in Brisbane is easy; contact Executive Pest Control.

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