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10 Reasons To Choose Executive Pest Control

10 Reasons To Choose Executive Pest Control

You’ll often hear people emphasising the significance of a reliable, good quality pest control company whenever you need to deal with creepy crawlies. Many companies offer their services in Brisbane alone, and for that reason, it’s a tricky task to pick one out of them. Due to the wide variety of pests and the potential health hazards that accompany the methods used to get rid of them, you must pick a call on reliable professionals.
There’s also the factor that the exterminator will often have to enter the house and work inside. It is just another reason why you need to make sure that the company you hire is dependable, honest, and masterful.

So how can you tell when a company is legit?
You should consider all the details of the company and focus on a few paramount factors. To make the process easier for potential clients, we at Executive Pest Control have compiled a list of all the reasons why our company is the one you should hire!


1-We have Correct and up-to-date licensing and documentation

Before you look at anything else, take a look at the company’s certificates. Do they have a license for using pesticides, insecticides, traps, etc.? It is essential because any exterminator carrying out pest control work in Australia must have a pest management technician license. To achieve this license, one has to go under training and pass several exams. The instruction btw is done in an internationally recognised centre. A permit proves that the company is operating legally, can be held accountable. If you find a company that isn’t, you must report them.
Experts at executive pest control are all licensed and verified with up-to-date certification.


2-Our technicians are knowledgeable

At our company, the experts are all licenced and have undergone training and hours of schooling. This aspect is important because an “exterminator” is no good if they have no idea what they are doing. There is no difference between the person getting hired and the person hiring.
A great test is to ask questions to the field technicians. As experts, they should be able to answer questions regarding pests, treatment, and related info. They may not answer every question, but they must be willing to at least find out for you. If they seem confused and unsure, they should not be treating your home. They might end up doing you more harm than good.


3-Our customer service is exemplary

The company should ensure dependable customer service. At executive pest control, we make sure that we have a good relationship with our customers, providing them with a reliable outlet to reach out to us, clear any confusion or misunderstanding, and answer any questions. An excellent customer service shows that the company cares about its customers and has their best interest at heart. It also indicates their professionalism and dedication.


4-We got reliable references and reputation

Pest control is a service industry. If a company has a good history of providing services and a reputation for delivering, then you can assure yourself that you can trust them. Executive pest control has an outstanding reputation for delivering quickly and effectively.


5-We offer Fair prices

The services offered by any company should be fair and affordable and not overboard. Our company provides quality service at affordable rates. Overboard and skyrocketing prices mean that the company is either extraordinary and nothing short of magical or dishonest and shoddy. It also shows that they don’t care about their customers.


6-We use safe services and products

It turns out, what kills bugs could be pretty risky in terms of health for humans too. So, in short, you should be using them as little as possible and in a safe amount. We also do our best to use secure methods as much as possible. So, most of our products and techniques are pretty safe.


7-Properly insured

Insurance doesn’t always cover pest treatment. So, when it comes to a few types of bugs, such as termites, homeowners should pick a company that ensures a damage clause, and you should fully understand it too.


8-Environment safety

Our company always follow IPM, and we make sure that our methods and products are not damaging to the environment.


9-Schedules and planning

Our company understands that time is valuable, and we will do our best to cater to our clients and their schedule to ensure a time that works out for both parties. We also work hard and quickly to ensure that minimum time is wasted.


10-Customer satisfaction

Our company has a long list of satisfied customers, which is indispensable to us. We value our customers a lot and do whatever we can to make them happy.

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