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Identifying Different Types of Cockroaches in Brisbane

Identifying Different Types of Cockroaches in Brisbane

For many people living in Brisbane, cockroaches are a menace that they have to deal with from time to time. The fact that cockroaches have existed for centuries is a testament to their tolerance levels. Very few species can survive for so long, especially in the backdrop of a sustained human effort to eliminate them completely.

In order to deal with this menace, it is important to know that there are different types of cockroaches in Brisbane. This knowledge should be a big part of the strategy when it comes to finding a solution for these very hardy and dirty creatures in Brisbane and Australia at large.

Here are the different types of cockroaches that exist in Brisbane:

German Cockroach

If you happen to come across a cockroach in a Brisbane hotel, restaurant, your house or bathroom, it is highly likely that it is a German cockroach. This is simply because of all cockroach types, the German cockroach is among the most common. They spread very easily. A single egg capsule in a box, package or luggage is enough to lead to a full-blown infestation in six to seven months. What makes the German cockroach so hard to deal with is the fact that it can survive under some of the harshest conditions and it does not need a lot of food to sustain it.

American Cockroach

This cockroach can be found in buildings throughout Brisbane, especially commercial buildings. Its average length of 4 cm makes it the largest of all peridomestic cockroaches. In terms of abundance, only the German cockroach beats the American cockroach. It is found in bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants or any other place where food preparation takes place. It is rare to find the American cockroach in houses. The American cockroach does not respond very well to light. It is common for American cockroaches to migrate in large numbers. They move into houses and apartments through plumbing systems, shrubs or trees that have branches overhanging rooftops.

Australian Cockroach

The Australian cockroach and the American cockroach are almost similar in appearance. They are both winged insects and their colour is reddish-brown. The Australian cockroach is also larger in size. A fully grown Australian cockroach measures between 30 and 35mm. This cockroach moves extremely fast and is able to disappear as soon as you enter a room. It is also a winged insect that can fly. Despite its relatively large size, it fits easily under doors or small cracks. Australian cockroaches are mostly found outdoors as they prefer plant food.

Here are some of the measures you can take to minimize the chances of a cockroach infestation:

(1)Always make sure that you remove your indoor trash

(2)Keep all your trash dumpsters clean at all times

(3)Vacuum or sweep any food crumbs

(4)Keep all your dishes clean at all times

(5)Keep all your kitchen appliances clean

(6)Discard all food leftovers

Bottom line

Dealing with the cockroach menace can be an extremely tough undertaking. However, it does not need to be because the job can be left to experts. At Executive Pest Control Brisbane, we take pride in the fact that we understand the different types of cockroaches and have a solution to keep them under control. If you are in Brisbane or any of its surrounding areas, contact us and let us handle your cockroach problem once and for all.

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