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How To Detect Termites in Your Property?

How To Detect Termites in Your Property?

Termites Close Up

There is no denying it, a subterranean termite infestation can and does cause a great deal of damage to property. The problem is that most people wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not they have these unwanted pests living on their property until it is too late. That is why you are advised to get professional termite inspection in Brisbane regularly.

You could also learn how to detect termites in your property. By contacting a company that specialises in professional termite treatment in Brisbane, you are giving your property a new lease on life. This way, you can start of any necessary repairs that come about as a result of the infestation. Here are clear signs that you have a termite infestation and should call an Executive Pest Control Brisbane.

5 Signs That You Have a Termite Infestation in Your Property

Termites Destroyed timber in Brisbane

Damage to Timber

Termites eat timber from the inside out. This tends to leave a thin veneer of timber and sometimes, just the coat of paint. Many people stumble upon this kind of damage when they realise that the vacuum went through the skirting board or their fingers just poked a hole in the wall. The best way to detect a termite infestation is to regularly knock or tap on the suspicious looking area. If it sounds hollow or simply caves in, then it is a clear sign that there is a termite infestation.

Mud Tunnels of Termites

Mud Tunnels

Termites always have their headquarters nearby. This headquarter is connected to the food source, which is the wood that makes up your property, by mud tunnels. These mud tunnels are lined with faecal matter and other mud-like materials. The tubes are often pencil-sized and could be filled with active termites or could be abandoned. Although, just because there are no visible mud tunnels does not mean that there is no termite infestation. Sometimes, they use cracks or voids in the property structure to move about.

Winged Termites in a Brisbane House

Alate Wings

When termites go off to find mates and create new colonies, they do so by flying. Flying termites are called alates or swarmers. Once these swarmers find a mate, they shed their wings and settle down in a nice cosy section of your property. The presence of alate wings is a clear sign that a King and Queen termite just made your property their new home. If unchecked, they could multiply and live there for over 10 years.

Noise in Cavities

One of the more obvious signs of a termite infestation is a shaking or rattling sound with wall cavities. Soldier or worker termites frequently bump into wood or shake their bodies when disturbed to warn the rest of danger. The worker termites also eat away at your wood in a noisy manner, thus the rattling sound that comes from your walls when it is infested by termites.

Piles of Soil in a Brisbane Home

Piles of Soil

This comes from all that activity that goes into creating the mud tunnels and a suitable lair for the Queen. You will often find piles of fine soil around your property leading into the ground. This is clear sign that something termite-related is going on underground.
When trying to detect termite (white ant) infestation, keep a close eye on places where concrete join the wooden structure, basements made out of wood, joints, support posts, and window frames as well as something called frass (termite droppings). Once detected, be sure to contact an Executive Pest Control Brisbane company to help you conclusively deal with that problem.

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